UMBRELLA Director David Hausen just completed the video segment of the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) in support of Through the Never, the upcoming IMAX thriller concert film featuring the legendary heavy metal band Metallica.  Scheduled for release in late September 2013. The 3-D IMAX concert movie conjures a post-apocalyptic narrative through concert performance footage of Metallica.

Garrett Kafchinski, the project’s video editor, noted that postproduction work on the video sought an essential balance of one-on-one interviews with the band and film team as well as “for-your-eyes-only” film and concert footage. “We’ve produced a video segment that gives the media the ‘A-to-Z’ synopsis –– but one that also captures the wail and wildness of that film.” Pre-release press feedback agrees.

The EPK video includes outtakes from the surreal narrative –– the fictional odyssey of a young band roadie venturing out into a dystopian world beyond the performance arena to retrieve a mysterious item for the band. Interspersing searing live performance footage, the EPK also features Metallica band members’ sharp insights and commentary on the making and meanings of Through the Never.  Lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield wryly comments that the film proves that Metallica stands apart, adding, “I don’t know that many bands able to have a thirty-year career.”   Speaking of the band’s upcoming film, drummer Lars Ulrich states, “The idea was always to try and create a film that was unlike anything that anybody has ever seen.”

With its blend of promotional media and dynamic video trailer, UMBRELLA’s Through the Never EPK makes the case.

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