God Loves Uganda in Twenty-One Days

Director and Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams just completed a twenty-one-day whirlwind tour throughout Sub-Saharan Africa in September. He undertook the wide-ranging screening and media tour in support of his latest documentary film, God Loves Uganda. In addition to production management credit for the film itself, UMBRELLA’s Jennifer Brunetti oversaw all of the planning and production of the successful overseas tour, ranging from itinerary management to media coordination, and from video production to nation-by-nation events staging and messaging.

The film explores the American Christian Right’s deep involvement in Uganda’s anti-Gay/LBGT legislation Uganda and upsurge in homophobic violence nationwide.

The tour included multiple cities in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Uganda, and the programs in which he participated became national sensations. In Malawi, the film’s SRO screening and subsequent panel debate became a transformational event for the entire nation, as several gay men and woman came out in public for the first time in front of national media outlets.




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